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As President of the Legislative Council, and a Member for the Eastern Metropolitan Region, Bruce is dedicated to making Victoria a better place, for today and for the future

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Every four years Breast Cancer Network Australia holds Field of Women at the MCG. The iconic event helps raise awareness about the importance of breast screening and is a powerful gesture of support for the 18,235 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer each year. That’s 50 families affected by breast cancer every day. To show your support I encourage you to take part in this wonderful event. 


National volunteer week 21 May-27 May 2018

Bruce would really like to congratulate all members of our community who make a profound impact through volunteering. Whether you make a small or large contribution through volunteering, your work helps our community feel supported and prosper – congratulations and thank-you!

National Volunteer week celebrates the values of volunteering which promote a vibrant and strong community that is respected and sustainable.

From 21–27 May 2018, thousands of events will be held across the country to say thank you to the 6 million Australians who volunteer their time. The week-long celebration will include breakfasts, morning/afternoon teas, and luncheons, as well as open days, award ceremonies, picnics, forums and training sessions. You can find out what events are happening near you here.

Macula month - 1-31 may 2018

May is Macula Month! This means that it’s time to check in on your eye health and make sure that you know how to spot the symptoms of macular disease.


This Girl Can - Victoria - 4 may 2018

VicHealth's new campaign, This Girl Can - Victoria is all about empowering women to get active! There is a large gender gap in physical activity and sport with women in Victoria being less active than men. This Girl Can - Victoria aims to inspire women to get active regardless of experience, body shape or age. Click here to learn more.

E-petitions-26 february 2018

To learn about e-petitions and how you can create one click here.


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