Benevolence Gala Fundraising Dinner

Benevolence Gala Fundraising Dinner2_160918.jpeg

In 2008, a group of dedicated women came together to discuss the absence and need for a welcoming, safe space in the Muslim community that is free of judgement, discrimination and ethnic divide. They visualised a place where the spirit is nourished, minds are challenged, and where a diverse community can come together inspired with the values of social consciousness and compassion. Thus, Benevolence Australia was established.

For 10 years, Benevolence Australia, a non-for-profit community organisation, has been dedicated to serving the community through the teachings exemplified and inspired by the Prophet Muhammad.

I attended a very special event on Sunday 16 September commemorating 10 years of Benevolence at their 10th Anniversary Fundraiser Dinner.

The night paid homage to all those who have made an active contribution and participated in building community through social harmony, cohesion and connectedness.