This Girl Can - Victoria

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As a dedicated supporter and member of the Vixen’s netball club, Bruce is enthusiastic about encouraging women to feel empowered through playing sport.

Bruce is proud to encourage Women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region and around Victoria to get active thanks to the powerful new campaign This Girl Can – Victoria launched by health promotion foundation VicHealth.

Bruce with Chloe Watson from the Melbourne Vixens

Bruce with Chloe Watson from the Melbourne Vixens

The campaign is a local version of the world-renowned campaign by Sport England which inspired an incredible 3.9 million English women to ditch the couch and get active.

This Girl Can – Victoria aims to build upon this success and empower women across the state to get active and overcome feelings of judgement, fear and embarrassment which are stopping them from getting active.

The ad features everyday Victorian women – no airbrushed Instagram models – overcoming their fears and giving it a go, curves, jiggles, wrinkles and all. The women, from all across the state, get their sweat on in a range of activities from boxing, cycling and roller-derby to netball and Aussie rules.

Bruce Atkinson encourages local women to become part of the This Girl Can – Victoria community.

“This Girl Can – Victoria shows everyday women getting out there and having a go. That’s what this campaign is all about - getting Victorian women up and moving,” Bruce Atkinson said.

“This campaign is about empowering women to smash outdated stereotypes about what they can or can’t do in the gym, on the sporting field and in our neighbourhoods.

“We want to support all women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region to get active and embrace a healthy lifestyle, no matter their age or ability. This Girl Can – Victoria is about women supporting other women to get active and do their thing. Women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region can get involved too at

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said the fear of judgment stops too many women from being physically active.  

“We’re hoping that our This Girl Can - Victoria campaign will help more Eastern Metropolitan Region women to get physically active in their day-to-day life,” Ms Rechter said.





“The women featured in This Girl Can – Victoria are everyday women who’ve found the confidence to get out there and get active. They’re doing it because they love it, and because they can.

“This campaign isn’t about making women feel bad about not doing enough exercise. It’s about celebrating what they can do, even if that’s just a walk around the block or a few laps of the pool.”

Watch This Girl Can – Victoria

Local women are encouraged to join the This Girl Can - Victoria movement by heading to and join the community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and follow #ThisGirlCanVIC.

This Girl Can – Victoria is the local implementation of the original ‘This Girl Can’ campaign in England, which is owned and operated by the English Sports Council (Sport England). Sport England used National Lottery funding to create the This Girl Can campaign in 2015.